About Us

We are here to help you grow your Wealth.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit and learn from us. Our website is an educational website dedicated to informing you & yours regarding follies of traditional financial thinking and to dynamically connect with those who are interested in learning more. Times are economically challenging, and we are here to see that your financial well-being remains strong. We are not your typical financial website portal or financial services provider. We provide you with non-traditional strategies that are designed to help you maximize your wealth. From different financial strategies to insurance and estate planning, we find money in a way that do not take away from your lifestyle, so that you can enjoy your money today while saving for your future.

In addition to financial information on our website, we want to offer you solutions & strategies under one roof for all your financial well-being, including, the accumulation, distribution, and conservation of wealth. Through financial tactics, we maximize the benefit, and enjoyment of one’s assets throughout life and assist in protecting those assets from many eroding factors within today’s economy. These include taxes, technological change, propensity to consume, disability, outliving your assets, and death. We show you specialized strategies that none of your advisors have shown you.

We take the time to and give you FINANCIAL ANALYSIS to understand your financial needs with absolutely no obligations..

Who Are We?

Gurdayal Singh is the principal of Benefit Consultant Inc., an independent firm specializing in comprehensive Financial & Tax Management. He specializes in financial planning for Businesses, Individuals & Families.

He graduated from Delhi University in India with a master’s degree in Business Administration. He is fully licensed by the State of California to provide both financial & insurance services. He participates in continuing education programs in this field to remain up to date on all applicable laws and regulations. Gurdayal is an active member of the Sikh community in Southern California and an active supporter of different charities.

Why Are We Different?

The educational presentations of Benefit Consultant Inc. focus on the impact of shifting demographics in the United States. The dramatic changes that will occur in taxation, government programs, banking, retirement programs and home ownership will affect everyone. The goal of our website and services are to provide more information so that YOU can make better financial decisions.