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I’m from Japan but handle a lot of international business here in America. I wanted to take some of my wealth and keep it here in America and Mr. Singh’s free financial analysis really helped me get a clear view of what I was supposed to do. My business friend are now working with him.

Yuuka N.

As a travelling artist, Mr. Singh helped me focus on what matters to most for me, my art. His strategy help me look at the big picture and he helped fill in the smaller details that would take up a lot of my time. I highly recommend Mr. Gurdayal Singh’s financial advice and analysis.

Ken N

I was introduced to the Gurdayal from Wealth and Wisdom Online as a result of the estate work he did for the Roden Estates. Gurdayal’s comprehensive approach, including inter-generational planning and attention to all details, saved our family’s estate a great deal of taxes we didn’t even know we didn’t need to pay.

Michelle G.

I have worked with Gurdayal for several years. He is very knowledable about the Insurance and Investment products. He always thinks about the interest of his clients first. He is very relationship oriented and builds a long term relationships with his clients. I am highly recommending Gurdayal for any prospects who are thinking about changing their current providers…

Peter Agarwal

Gurdayal made a great improvement in my family’s life. As a result of a large inheritance, I hired Gurdayal to assist me with my new found wealth. He helped guide me through a new business lifestyle along with a retirement plan that I could not have imagined before I met him and above all, has helped to preserve my principal and provide me with a real peace of mind.

Barbara L.

Gurdayal is an excellent insurance professional focused on adding value to his clients. He takes the time to understand their needs and offers innovative solutions. His reputation is built on his caring nature, high integrity and dedication to his clients.

Vikram Bhatia